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Jenna Den Hoed: certified nutrition coach and red seal chef
Hi! I'm Jenna, 
Holistic Nutrition Coach and Red Seal Chef

Learn about the foods that nourish you most and relieve your symptoms so you can be your best!

Nutrition Coaching 

Learn how to nourish your body's unique needs
・Feel empowered to cook whole foods
・Get up to date, science-based recommendations
・Find energy and enjoy life again
・Mitigate your symptoms
・Prioritize your physical, mental and spiritual health
Restore your best self

My Specialty

Symptoms & Support

        Do you have these symptoms?

         Stomach Pain
         Low Energy/Fatigue
         Brain Fog
         Joint pain and stiffness

help for digestive issues

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Eat Out Without Fear, Stress Or Guilt

Gain Energy and Say Yes To Any Adventure

Feel Comfortable And Confident In Your Body

Relieve Symptoms By Eating The Right Foods

Cook For Pleasure

What my Clients Say...

“The hour sessions were good. We got time to check in, review what we had talked about in the previous session, learn a new topic and go over resources like meal plans and recipes. Being able to book appointments myself, made it easy to work around my daily activities.

Jenna did a great job scaling down recipes for 1-2 portions. They were easy to read and follow along. Added nutrition information was very helpful.

The most valuable part of the coaching was Jenna listened to my health concerns and had a solution for them. She had the knowledge about where, how, and why an issue or symptom might be happening in my body. She taught me how I could manage it through whole food and lifestyle without needing to resort to pharmaceuticals.

When I fall off the wagon I am able to get back up again. Years ago I would have given up. I am motivated to get back on track now that I have a guide and resources to follow.

Recordings of sessions were great to go back to so I could relearn what Jenna had taught me. I am so happy that I will always have access to them”


free discovery call for nutrition coaching
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Book a free 30min call with Jenna: 

・Discuss your main health concerns
・Choose custom services that suit your needs
・Get some diet and lifestyle tips for free

Star your health journey now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Primarily I am online and meet clients via Zoom.
I am currently located in Calgary and I love to work in person with individuals in the area.
There may be opportunities for in-person meetings or live workshops. Looking to plan a wellness event? Book a free discovery call and get a quote today!
Check out my Instagram for more on workshops, giveaways and events.

Our health is, and always has been in our own hands. 
Any service I offer provides you with information and recommendations. It is up to you how much you are willing to implement and learn. My goal is to motivate and teach you how to make lasting changes in your health. I work with you from where you are at and keep open communication about taking the next steps. I am available for support via email to encourage and guide you throughout your health journey. We all deserve encouragement and support to honour ourselves.

There are no "one size fits all" programs in my practice
During a discovery call we can discuss your main health concern and learning interests. For each client, I create a custom a healthcare plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. 

Although my specialty is supporting those with Celiac Disease, most autoimmune conditions can be supported with similar processes and nutrients. With a focused approach on supporting the immune system, I can teach you strategies, nutrients and lifestyle recommendations to help minimize your symptoms.

I have created Free Recipe Packages that contain nutrition information about ingredients in the recipes. This is a great way to get started learning about how food affects your body, and growing your confidence making ingredients taste delicious!
I also have a Master Your Groceries service that offers you help with new allergy navigation, tricks to lower your grocery bill and food marketing traps.
You can also check me out on Instagram for more tips, tricks and encouragement.
I do not offer one time consultation services as food and lifestyle changes are not a short term solution, but a long term investment to your health.

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